We held our 12th Annual 100 Wheels Project Bike-Build on December 5, gathering with friends and family to build 123 bikes for deserving children in the community. Thanks to the support of clients, industry partners and members of the community, we were able to build 123 bikes in just a few hours! And we built our 1000th bike since we launched The 100 Wheels Project back in 2008!

Each year we partner with local non-profit organizations to identify families in need. Then, after purchasing bikes for each child, Pine Street employees and their families, along with clients, industry partners, and members of the cycling community, gather for a festive bike-building party. Within just a few hours, all the bikes are assembled and ready for delivery to Pine Street’s non-profit partners.

Check out a video from this year’s bike-build here:

To date, we have built 1085 bicycles for deserving children in the community. To learn more about our 100 Wheels Project and how you can help support this initiative, please visit www.bikebuild.org.